Due to hostilities, the sale of certificates and flights are temporarily suspended

About us

Since ancient times, people have dreamed of the sky. Many continue to dream nowadaysWe turned our dreams into reality a long time ago, and now we spend more time in the sky than on the earth.

About 20 years ago, we directed our passion for flying in a professional way by creating our own air company. Since then we inspire other dreamers. Do you want just to have an air journey? — We will choose the most picturesque route. Or do you want to learn how to fly, and then buy a helicopter? — We are the best at it. We sincerely want to teach everyone to fly. At a minimum, introduce to the sky. Who knows, maybe this will turn into true love.


Our team
Founder of Heliport Kyiv Challenge, pilot
Director of Heliport Kyiv Challenge
Albina Rotanova
Client Service Manager
Head of Engineering
Anna Varfolomyeyeva
Client Service Manager