Due to hostilities, the sale of certificates and flights are temporarily suspended

Flight Rules

When paying for a helicopter flight service or using a certificate, each passenger must know the rules of the flight.

1. The service is available for 16 years. Children for the age of 4 are allowed to fly with one of the parents and under his personal responsibility.

2. People who are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication are strictly not allowed to fly.

3. The total maximum weight on board the Robinson R22 helicopter is up to 100 kg.

    For Robinson R44 helicopters up to 210 kg and Robinson R66 - up to 350 kg, with a maximum load per 1 seat - 130 kg.

4. The service depends on the weather and can be rescheduled in the following cases: icing conditions; if there is a sharp deterioration of weather conditions, there are sudden technical malfunctions of the helicopter or a sudden change in the air situation.

5. The passenger has the right to take onboard hand luggage (women's or men's bags, coat/raincoat/jacket, umbrella/stick, printed publications, food for the child, which is necessary during the flight, etc.). The total weight of the items should not exceed 5 kg.

7. Hand luggage must not contain knives, scissors, needles, needles, and any other sharp and cutting objects. It is also forbidden to carry on board in hand luggage any liquids, suspensions, creams, pastes with a capacity of more than 100 ml (g) in one bottle (tube). The total amount of these substances in hand luggage, packed in containers with a capacity of up to 100 ml (g), should not exceed 1 liter (kg) per passenger.

8. The service is not recommended for women from 35 weeks of pregnancy. Be sure to consult a doctor before flying.

9. Flight duration may vary. This may depend on various factors - changes in weather conditions, the pilot's decision for the safety of passengers, etc.

10. The passenger is fully responsible for the state of his health. If you have a chronic illness, have undergone surgery, or have doubts about your health before ordering the service, be sure to consult a doctor.

11. Flight participants are obliged to follow the rules of discipline and order onboard the helicopter, as well as unconditionally follow the pilot's instructions.