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Robinson Raven II

The price for standard configuration
525000 $

RAVEN II is equipped with the Lycoming IO-540 injection engine, which delivers better altitude performance and increased payload. 

Raven II has a 28-volt electrical system that ensures reliable start-up in any weather, and also allows the installation of additional equipment.

EngineLycoming IO-540, 260 hp
(Derated to 245 for takeoff
and 205 continuous)
Fuel typeaviation gasoline
100 LL
Fuel consumption60 l/h
Max Airspeed200 km/h
Maximum Range555 km
Maximum flight time3 h
Maximum Operating Altitude14,000 ft
Maximum Gross Weight1134 kg
Overhaul resource12 years or  2200 h
Dimensions (length, width, height) 11,66м /2,29м /3,28м
Air conditioningoptional
You can supplement the standard
equipment with various