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Robinson Raven I

The price for standard configuration
445000 $

RAVEN I - Equipped with Lycoming O-540 carburettor engine. Raven I offers the best combination of flight performance and affordability. 

The carburettor heat assists automatically adjusts carburettor heat enhancing safety and reducing pilot workload. In Raven I, as well as in Raven II, a hydraulic heating system is installed that facilitates piloting.

EngineLycoming O-540, 260 hp
(Derated to 225 for
takeoff and 205 continuous)
Fuel typeaviation gasoline
100 LL
Fuel consumption60 l/h
Max Airspeed200 km/h
Maximum Range555 km
Maximum flight time3 h
Maximum Operating Altitude14,000 ft
Maximum Gross Weight1089 kg
Overhaul resource12 years or  2200 h
Dimensions (length, width, height) 11,66м /2,29м /3,28м
Air conditioningno
You can supplement the standard
equipment with various