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Robinson r66

The price for standard configuration
975000 $

ROBINSON R66 is the flagship of Robinson’s range. It is equipped with a powerful Rolls Royce RR300 gas turbine engine that runs on aviation kerosene, which reduces operating costs by 2–3 times compared to the gasoline version. 

The design of the R66 fuselage allows capable of carrying four passengers plus pilot, as well as 136 kg of cargo in the luggage compartment. Due to improved technical characteristics and low operating costs, the R66 is the most affordable gas turbine helicopter in the world. 

EngineRolls-Royce RR300, 300 hp
(Derated to 270 hp for
takeoff and 224 hp
Fuel typeaviation kerosene
Fuel consumption90 l/h
Max Airspeed220 km/h
Maximum Range648 km
Maximum flight time3 h
Maximum Operating Altitude14,000 ft
Maximum Gross Weight1225 kg
Overhaul resource12 years or 2200 h
Dimensions (length, width, height) 11,66m/2,33m/3,48m
Air conditioningoptional
You can supplement the standard
equipment with various