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Robinson Cadet

The price for standard configuration
399000 $

The twin-seat R44 Cadet is a versatile helicopter, ideal for flight schools and owners who want to get the power and performance of a large helicopter for a reasonable price. 

Cadet has the same body, rotor system and Lycoming O-540 engine as the R44 Raven I. At the same time, the tail section of the cabin is configured for cargo transportation, the maximum flight weight is reduced to 998 kg, and the engine power is reduced to 210 hp. for takeoff and 185 hp in flight. This made it possible to obtain higher performance at high altitudes and extend the service time to overhaul up to 2400 hours.

EngineLycoming O-540, 260 hp
(Derated to 210 for takeoff
and 185 continuous)
Fuel typeaviation gasoline
100 LL
Fuel consumption60 l/h
Max Airspeed198 km/h
Maximum Range550 km
Maximum flight time3 h
Maximum Operating Altitude14,000 ft
Maximum Gross Weight998 kg
Overhaul resource12 years or  2400 h
Dimensions (length, width, height) 11,66м /2,29м /3,28м
Air conditioningoptional
You can supplement the standard
equipment with various