Flight to Chernobyl on R44

Helicopter type:R44
Flight time:90 min
Price:31860 UAH
Passengers: up to 3
Validity: up to

Hotel "Polesie", a cemetery of barges and ships, a new sarcophagus and the legendary Ferris wheel. You will not see this in one series.

We perform flights on Robinson R22, R44 and R66 helicopters, the excellent technical condition of which is ensured by a certified team of experienced engineers. Our air company has permission to fly on the border zones and Chernobyl.

Our experienced pilots who are instructors in our flight school will care about your safety during the flight. All our passengers are insured according to the requirements of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

You pay for the whole helicopter, and not just a seat in it, and the flight does not depend on whether there are companions with you.
Heliport Kyiv Challenge is a 15-minute drive from the Kyiv centre.