Due to hostilities, the sale of certificates and flights are temporarily suspended

Piloting master-class on the R22 helicopter.

Helicopter type:R22
Flight time:30 min
Price:13200 UAH
Passengers: 1
Validity: up to

If the sky is your dream, you should definitely go to helicopter piloting master class.

What you will get: 15 minutes pre-flight information, where an experienced pilot will introduce you to the basic instruments and principles of helicopter control. Then you will take the place of the co-pilot and, from our heliport Kyiv Challenge, which is on Vydubychi, make a 30-minute flight over all the bridges of Kyiv. During the flight, in addition to admiring the beauties, you will receive professional comments by the pilot on his actions and radio traffic. In conclusion, at the Heliport Kyiv Challenge, you will get 15-minute post-flight information, where you can ask your pilot questions and of course, take a memorable picture near the backdrop of the Robinson R44.