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How to book a helicopter flight?

On the website: Leave an application on our website and we will contact you in a few minutes.

By phone: Call us at  +38 067 2450525, +38 067 2264672

Messengers: Write to us in Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram/Instagram/FB Messenger

E-mail: Send application to: sales@helicopter.ua

How to buy a certificate for a helicopter flight?

On the website: Leave an application on our website and we will contact you in a few minutes.

By phone: Call us at  +38 067 2450525, +38 067 2264672

Messengers: Write to us in Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram/Instagram/FB Messenger

E-mail: Send application to: sales@helicopter.ua

What is the validity period of the gift certificate for the flight and how to activate it?

The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of sale.

In order to activate your certificate, you have to scan the QR code and fill out the online form or just call by phone, stating your Certificate ID, and agree on the desired date and time of the flight.

Is the price for the flight specified on the website stated for the helicopter or for the passenger?

The price for all our routes is indicated for the entire helicopter, not per person or seat on board

∙Robinson R22: 1 passenger + pilot

∙Robinson R44: up to 3 passengers + pilot

∙Robinson R66: up to 4 passengers + pilot

In other words, when you pay for the flight, you pay for the whole helicopter, and the flight does not depend on whether or not you find companions

Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, each type of helicopter has an allowable take-off weight. Therefore, there are the following weight limits for passengers:

For Robinson R22 – up to 100 kg.

For Robinson R44 helicopters – up to 210 kg and Robinson R66 – up to 330 kg. The maximum load per seat is 130 kg.

Is it safe to fly by helicopter?

Yes, if you choose to fly with us, you can be assured of safety, because:

- according to global statistics, air transport is the safest

- unlike an airplane, a helicopter can land safely even with the engine turned off – in autorotation mode

- all our helicopters, crew and passengers on board are insured according to the requirements of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine  

- our pilots regularly undergo practical skills tests, and all of them are commercial pilots, the requirements for whom are much higher than those for private pilots.

- оur company is the only official dealer of the American helicopter manufacturer Robinson in Ukraine, and all our helicopters are regularly serviced by a certified service station in Kyiv.

Is it allowed to fly with children?

Yes. Children of four years old and over may fly accompanied and under parental responsibility, depending on the individual flight tolerance and the psychophysical state of the child. Children over 16 years old are allowed to fly without being accompanied of parents.

How far in advance the flight should be booked?

If you want to book for a specific date and time, especially for a weekend, it is recommended to book a week in advance. But in any case, if you call and would like to fly the same day, we will do our best to make your flight happen.

What does the flight execution depend on?

- on the availability of the helicopter and the available slots for the desired date and time

- on weather conditions: helicopters fly all year round, but there are requirements for minimum visibility and conditions in terms of thunderstorms, squalls, snowfall, and icing

- on obtaining flight permits and no restrictions on flights from the aviation authority

What if the flight is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions?

In this case, there are several options:

- we check the possibility of flying on the same day, but at a different time

- we reschedule the flight to another date convenient to you

- we refund the deposit or full payment if the flight was paid in full (doesn't apply to flights by certificate)

What if you can't fly on a confirmed date?

In this case, please call us at +38 067 2450525, +38 067 2264672 or contact us via Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel the flight less than 24 hours in advance, the flight is considered to be completed.

When is it better to fly: in the daytime or at night?

It depends on what emotion you want to get or give:)

Drive/extreme – come and enjoy Kyiv from a bird's eye view, watching yachts sailing along the Dnipro River and the unreal panorama of bridges. Book a piloting master class or a flight over Kyiv bridges.

If you want something more romantic, a night flight with the lights of magic Kyiv is the right choice)

Both options are very popular, just listen to your desires.

Important note: Flights with landings on route are performed only during daylight hours until sunset. In winter the day is shorter, so it is better to consult with our managers.

Are there any birthday discounts?

We are happy to share emotions with you on this day)

The price is already with a discount, we put good service, your safety and great emotions in it.

Can I take my own photos during the flight and near the helicopter?

Yes, we leave a few minutes, before or after the flight, for you to take cool pictures. Our supervisors at Heliport are happy to help you with this if possible.

You can also take photos from the helicopter while flying, not disturbing the pilot of the helicopter.

Is it possible to book a professional photoshoot at the helicopter?

Yes, of course. We provide the location and the helicopter, you invite the photographer.

The price is calculated individually based on the following data:

-A short brief of what you plan to shoot

-The number of people involved in the shooting

-Time needed for shooting

 -The helicopter being static or requiring takeoff/landing, and the flying time

Can you recommend a gift for a friend?

The best option would be our RobinsonR22 (passenger weight limit is 100 kg).

Depending on your budget and wishes, the duration of the flight can be from 15 min to 1 hour – from $130 to $450

What we would recommend for R22: Piloting master class and a flight over the bridges of Kyiv

Can you recommend a gift for two people?

Please consider our Robinson R44 (weight limit for passengers on board is 210 kg).

Kyiv city tour for 15 min on R44, or 30 min in Mezhyhirya. The budget ranges from 230$ to 400$

What's your advice for a gift for a group or a family with kids?

Pay attention to the top model – Robinson R66 – up to 4 passengers (total weight of passengers on board is limited to 330kg)

A flight to a country club, church on the water, or Chernobyl. The budget ranges from $575 to $1,725

Can the departure point be from another location, not from Heliport KyivChallenge?

Yes, of course. Send us a google link to the desired location, we'll check the possibility of landing and calculate the price.

Can I try to fly a helicopter by myself?

Of course. By booking a flight "piloting master class" you get the opportunity to feel what it is like to fly a helicopter, under the clear supervision of an instructor pilot. Prior to the flight, the pilot will do a pre-flight briefing and set up an extra control handle. We usually recommend this flight to anyone who is thinking about going to our flight school to learn to be a pilot.

Where can I see the licenses of the company?

Our licenses are available online at: https://helicopter.ua/service

What are the flight rules?

The flight rules are available on the website at: https://helicopter.ua/pravila-provedenennya-polotiv

What clothes are recommended for the flight?

Any clothing that suits your mood and the weather that day. The comfort in the helicopter is similar to the comfort in a car – leather interior with heating; Robinson R66 also offers air conditioning.

How to get to our Heliport?

The Kyiv Challenge Heliport is located by the Dnipro River on the right bank of Kyiv, near Vydubychi metro station, 10 minutes by car from Pechersk. Here's how to get to us: https://goo.gl/H6AK51

When ordering a taxi, please specify the name "KyivChallenge" or Heliport "KyivChallenge" instead of the address.

You can leave your car in the parking lot of our guarded Heliport.

How can I pay for the flight?

You can pay for your flight directly on the website at the time of booking or by the link sent to your phone or mail through Portmone system; to the airline's bank account as per bank details, or at Heliport in cash or by credit card (VISA, Mastercard). If you pay at Heliport to book your time, you have to in any case pay the deposit in the amount of 2800 hryvnias online.


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